Unnecessary need. What is the Robot design essence?

Unnecessary need. What is the Robot design essence?

The essence of a product, which defines to what extent is good or bad, is the problem that resolves. That is , how makes your life easier, this that I am selling you  . A car, for example, resolves the transport, go from point A to point B. Everyone knows more less what qualities should be required to (consumption, carrying capacity, power, comfort, aesthetics …) and the operation requirement (petrol, a driver’s license, maintenance … However, we all know products that their essence is not to solve a problem to the consumer. They decide to solve the sale problem, either because it would leave them less benefits, or because they want to take advantage of  ​​other people’s idea, without knowing how it is done, they try to get our money, and they also are well thought out products for that purpose.

Imagine a product that offers you to save 60% of your costs in a few days or weeks, huge increases in productivity, and that any employee with little or no qualification can handle it. You’d have to see it to believe it, wouldn’t you? The most common today in the world of process automation is that they offer you a tool with these capabilities that the commercial calls robot software and that leaves you impressed with its aesthetics and its handling. If you take the bait, and purchase, you end up spending plenty of money on an unqualified team, you will have spent a lot of money on tools you do not need and you can not escape from them. You will not get those big savings promised and they alsohave created the Need for an “unqualified” employee profile, super specialist in the tool that you bought and that does not exist in the labor market

In my opinion this is due to ignorance. For many people and companies process automation is something new and unknown, and it is easy for them to be tricked. My advice:

  1. If it does not have artificial intelligence we call it mechanical software arm. A crane is not a robot. Ask openly for the artificial intelligence of the “robot”, and if they say that it has, tell them to prove it right there. Where does it use it and how does the robot adapt to changes in the environment ? And a small demonstration of robot learning.
  2. If they say that anyone can handle it , then tell them to let you handle it. Try it. Any employee can close the internet browser by clicking on the close button with the robot. If it takes more than 2 minutes to understand what you are doing, I would not believe them.
  3. They offer a very nice and simple tool to develop. Ask openly why they can not use a normal tool, such as Microsoft .Net, to ask the robot to click. In .Net it should be a single line of code, something like Robot.click (“accept”); Remember that it is easy to find experts in .Net able to program complicated business rules between click and click of the robot.

We offer you Artificial Intelligence with our platform , a real robot as people understand it, that can be managed by any programmer in any of the most popular development tools. In short, the usual recipe, qualified teams people with the normal tools.

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