The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) concept is spreading rapidly enough. Google Trends helps us to discover that the growth of interest in this technology coincides (coincidentally?) with the official birth of the Robot Cartes.  Despite growing interest, today they keep asking us what a software robot is and what it can do for their organization. These are very sensible questions, since the key to get the best performance (and profitability) for this technology is directly related to the greater or lesser power of the Robot that is contracted; The Robot is the key element of all RPA development. We find very important to mention that, even as the key element, uncontrolled power is useless and, of course, a group of robots working in different processes need other parts to orchestrate them with precision, such as through the RPA Center ( To which we will dedicate a post in the next weeks).

The reason for this video presentation is to offer a first approach to the concept of Robot software through our Robot Cartes, the cornerstone of the RPA Suite that is working tirelessly for our customers every day. For all of them we have created this explanatory video of less than a minute: 

Of course, it is a video that, due to its brevity, for the interested professional leaves out some of the characteristics that make it unique in the market:

  • Robot CartesEasy installation: Does not require frameworks such as .Net or Java or external libraries. In addition, it has passed the stringent approvals of large telecommunications, marketing, banking and electrical companies, demonstrating its flexibility.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Thanks to its ability to recognize components and their integrated learning, it adapts itself easily to changes in applications, more frequent in web versions.
  • Power: Up to now, it has been able to work with 100% of applications, including Citrix and Siebel to name some of the most complex to robotize

I hope this approach to our world will encourage you to contact us to find out for free what  Robot Cartes can do for you.

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