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At RPA we are specialist consultants  in implementing robotic process automation systems. A 100% Spanish company, with more than 8 years of experience. We belong to a group of technology companies, and we have our own software for our solutions as RPA consultants.

We are engaged in automation and process improvement , we transfer repetitive tasks that are usually carry out by human operators, to a set of technological elements.

We analyse your administrative and productive processes, that are susceptible of being automated, and we put the tools at your fingertips to optimize, simplify, and prevent errors in those processes in your company

Once the  processes to improve are identified we use RPA Suite tool, developed by our group, which is a competitive advantage by having full control over the solution without depending on third parties.

You will save and improve your productivity with RPA consultants .

We work on strategic projects mainly for clients who are telecommunications leaders , banking, insurance, energy and utilities, healthcare, tourism and leisure, automotive, contact center, BPO, transportation, technological, marketing, and operations.



At Robotic Process Automation, we have the knowledge and capabilities to support our customers from process analysis to complete the production phase. A complete solution to maximize the benefits of robotic process automation .

We have worked very hard to simplify the methodology and implementation of our solutions, in such a way that each project:

  • It is a simple project, we take charge of everything
  • It is a operations project, not of IT
  • Our specialists guide you during the whole process
  • You will enjoy the benefits from the beginning


Our methodology is very simple, there are only 3 steps:


First step. Consultancy

During the first phase we make a consultancy on your processes to determine where the greatest possibilities of automation are and that you take the best possible benefits to the opportunities offered by process automation.

Second step. Proposal

After analyzing the processes, we make a complete proposal in which we include a model that quantifies the benefits derived from the implementation of the solution with a valuation and an analysis of the return on investment.

We strongly support this technology, and we want all our customers to be concious of the potential savings and optimization of RPA, so just to get in touch with us, WE GIVE YOU CONSULTANCY AND THE PROPOSAL




Third step. Implementation

Once the project has been raised, we implement it with our software RPA Suite, a own complete tool that allows us to make all kinds of automations according to your needs. In a short time you will be enjoying the benefits of RPA.

Whatever your technological infrastructure is, we will be able to automate your processes in a simple way and without the need of expensive computer developments

Know what we can do for you does not entail any cost or commitment, it is completely free, you just need to contact us.


Partner Program

We are looking for business partners to bring the benefits of our complete solution to the greatest number of companies to increase their competitiveness and improve their processes.

We offer support throughout the process, from pre-sales to implementation, with specific training on the product to know all the possibilities and business opportunities.

Our programs and tools are designed to provide technical, sales and marketing knowledge in order to help you grow your business successfully and gain a competitive edge in the market. To maximize the benefits as Partner, please contact us.

We adapt perfectly to all your needs and we work every agreement as a single work. Our goal is a win-win model

contact us if you want to offer your customers the benefits of process automation

We put at your disposal:

  • Our team of professionals
  • Presentation and promotional materials
  • Support throughout the process
  • Functional demonstrations
  • Initial study and assessment without cost
  • Generous economic models


By partnering with us, we help you identify opportunities to conserve and expand both your customers and your profits. You will enjoy rewards and protection for the registration of contracts, interesting margins and joint programs of generating leads. We also provide training and updated certifications for your commercial and technical teams to be fully trained to work with our most recent solutions.

Do not hesitate and contact us, we will gladly inform you in detail.


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